Map of the facility

Not much is known about the Nightmare Facility. Only what is given to GLaDOS is all that's known about it's layout and schematics.

Primary FacilityEdit

Type: Aperture Laboratories The bare part of the facility consisting of the Central Command Hub, residential and primary reactor. The primary reactor consists of a large Tesla Cyclone reactor (details behind the device are Classified). The Command Hub has visual access to every part of the facility, though Nightmare's chamber had a unique command allowing it to 'go dark' for short periods (which lead to Nightmare's advantage over taking control). The Primary Facility links to all four sectors via various transit lifts.

Amazonian Laboratory (Brinstar)Edit

Location: North-north east of the Command Hub

Type: controlled jungle and swamp environments

Aquatics Research Laboratory (Maridia)Edit

Location: East south-east of the Command Hub

Type: stored water and aquatic breeding chambers

Sub-terranian/Superheat Laboratory (Norfair)Edit

Location: South-South west of the Command Hub

Type: uncontrolled volcanic and geomorphic environment

Nightmare's Chamber (Tourian)Edit

Location: Deepest part of the Facility

Type: Chimeric The deepest and most artificially hostile area of the Facility. 'Tourian' became overun with Nightmare's Chimeran 'children' shortly after his takeover who soon turned it into a near replication of a Chimeran Tower. Nightmare's host chamber lies at the deepest part of Tourian below the Heat Ray Chamber Guarding Nightmare from his own hell's regects.


  • All four chambers around the facility are named after the same locations found in Super Metroid.
  • Before Nightmare's takeover, Tourian used to appear similar to most other Aperture Science until Nightmare began breeding the Chimera stored within the Facility.